Does your website work great?

Does your website work great?
Seven Tips to a Great WebsiteThere is no doubt that mobile is here to stay and is becoming more pertinent than ever before. Your customers are already mobile, and users want their mobile website experience to be as good as their desktop experience. A rapidly growing number of consumers want to connect with businesses in their own neighborhoods and a poor mobile website experience can cost you customers.

So what is considered a great website?
Over 99% of thousands of respondents replied; “I want to find what I’m looking for, and I want to find it quickly”.

Following are some helpful website tips to consider.

  1. The purpose of a Home Page is not to talk about you, it is to get the visitor to Page 2. Only then do you truly know what they are looking for. Keep it light.
  2. Don’t use too much text. Overdoing text and content is a great way to overwhelm and drive people away from your site.  For example, instead of cramming all the details together on the Home Page, use the About Us page.
  3. It’s not about you. People come to your webpage to solve problems, not to learn about your life story and all the other stuff you do. Use the consumer’s point of view and anticipate what their problems are; and then provide answers that solve them.
  4. Use best practices for Search Engine Optimization. I know, it’s getting technical right away. Remember people, if you are going to show off your business to the neighborhood, or world, Google needs to know what the heck you’re talking about. SEO will be around for as long as the Web exists so you might as well get it right from the start. It matters…a lot.
  5. Use good copywriting on your website. The language should cater to the customer and not be geek-speak about your industry or specialty.
  6. Try to provide updated information on a regular basis. At least twice a year. Providing current updates not only shows your effort to stay current, but can provide ongoing interest to repeat visitors.
  7. Be sure to include links to your favorite social sites if you plan on keeping them up to date. Social Marketing has quickly become the new Word of Mouth advertising source for many local companies.